Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interview with Christen Mitchell - Stylist

"Follow your instincts. If you truly have a love and a passion for fashion, express that. Anyone can copy runway styles – that doesn’t make you a stylist. I think being a good stylist starts with knowing your own point of view. From there, interesting outfit and effortless style will come."

"My inspiration comes from everywhere: I read TONS of blogs and go through hundreds of images a day. The beauty of the web today is that people can inspire each other from across the globe – it’s amazing. I know I haven’t listed any particular person whose style inspires me, but that is because at any given time, it is someone different. Plus, a lot of the time I’m more inspired by the images than the people themselves.
Also, when I get dressed, lots of times I will have a certain piece of clothing or jewelry that I am really feeling that day. Then, from there, I build an outfit. I find that if I work that one thing in, I am always more excited about what I am wearing."