Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrifty Shopping

So many people feel awkward telling others that they bargain shop. WHY?? Some of the trendiest clothes are found in consignment stores! Don't get me wrong, I love going to the mall or going online and paying a little more for some of my pieces. But I must admit, some of my flyest outfits have been put together with pieces I've gotten from the thrift store.

I feel like you get unique things at a ridiculously low price. Many times thrifty shopping allows you to be a little more creative with your ensemble. It's not always laid out for you. You'll find that you value your outfit and yourself a little more when you've put that extra effort into perfecting your flavor.

So no worries... tell all your friends you shop thrifty. I bet they'll be more concerned with how good you look in your outfit than they are with where you bought it!!

Besides... a REAL FASHIONISTA spots fashion everywhere!!

*Love and Look Pretty!*