Monday, July 4, 2011

Christian Fashionista!

Okay... let's keep it real here. Being a young Christian lady, sometimes "all things fashion" don't always agree with "all things Christ". So when this happens, we have to find things that look great and at the same time represent our salvation. At times it can be difficult because we live in a world full of those who don't have the same convictions as we. But No Worries... I'm going to give you a few examples of how to stay saved, look stunning and maximize your options when it comes to showcasing your style!!

This is a simple outfit that contains lots of details. We have a pair of jeans with a polka-dot t-shirt and a light jacket layered on top.  Accenting the outfit, we have a solid blue bag with a multi-colored scarf. This color combination is vibrant! Perfect for this time of the year.

 For a warmer day, try thin fabrics that flow easily. This is a thin tank paired with a free flowing skirt and simple braided belt. Once again color combination is key. And because the fabrics are thin, you can avoid having to show too much skin to keep cool.

I love this skirt! This is the perfect example of form fitting vs too tight! We are saved but that doesn't mean everything has to fit like a paper bag! Go to the store and try on a few skirts. Find one or two that accentuate what makes you a woman but at the same time keeps you looking like a classy lady! As you can see this skirt shows some curve but it still gives breathing and walking room. You know its the right one when you don't see any panty lines and you can stand, walk and sit with no complications.

This outfit is adorable to me! The bag transforms it from average to stylish!  A simple pair of jeans with a fairly casual blouse layered with a cardigan (always a good investment!!) 

I hope these examples help! As Christian ladies there's a need to present ourselves in a modest manner. God wants us to look our best for Him and to remember that everything we do and wear are a reflection of who we are in Jesus Christ! So let's show the world how its done... THE RIGHT WAY! Stay cute, comfortable and *fabulous* :)

*Love and Look Pretty!*