Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Polished Woman

A few ways to look (and feel) more polished when you step out:

Keep Your Nails Done:

Dirty nails are ALWAYS a "no no". Maintain clean, even and polished nails. Chipped nails are terribly unattractive. If you aren't into color, try using a clear or nude polish to keep your nails looking well-kept.

Maintain Well-Tamed Hair:

I don't mean to insult your intelligence but this MUST be said. Please ladies, whatever you do, pay attention to your hair. Before you walk out of your house make it a point to check your hair. If you're going to wash and run, be sure your hair actually looks good when it air dries. If you aren't the type to do your own hair, be sure to invest in a reliable and talented stylist. Whether you believe it or not, your hair says a lot about your personal hygiene!

Everyday Make-up:

Its not necessary to put on a mask everytime you go out. But there are a few simple things I keep with me at all times. Chapstick, mascara and moisturizer are 3 things I never leave the house without. Nobody wants to talk to a lady with chapped lips, it's just not attractive! Apply a light coat here and there throughout the day to keep your lips moist. Mascara is always good to keep just to give your eyes an extra pop on a day when you aren't going to wear any eye shadow. Lastly, moisturizer is good to have to make sure your skin never looks pale, flaky and dry. Find out what works best for your skin and keep a small bottle on you at all times. Trust me it comes in handy. All 3 of these items help to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

I could go on and on. But to keep it simple, I'll list a few more items with less detail. All of these tips are simple and "user-friendly":

Accessorize (With Any Outfit)
Practice Good Posture (No Slouching!!)
Maintain Fresh Breath (keep mints - chewing gum isn't the most attractive...but if its your preference that's fine)
Carry a Jacket (chill bumps and shivering take away from your poise)
Smile (We've got the joy of Jesus so we should be smiling anyway...besides smiles are infectious and a great witnessing tool!!)

I hope these tips are helpful. Remember a Godly Woman is a Polished Woman!! (Romans 12:1)

*Love and Look Pretty!*