Monday, October 24, 2011

Fashion Vocab!

Clothing designed to be worn for active sports, i.e. bike-tards, jogging suit, sauna suit, tennis dress, tankini.

Clothing that is designed close and narrow at the shoulders or waist and flaring away from the body to resemble the letter “A,” i.e. A-line dress, jumper, skirt, or coat.  First introduced in 1955 by French couturier Christian Dior.

Bridge Line
A price line apparel classification at the upper end that is made with fewer details and less expensive fabrics than designer clothing.

Black Tie
Man’s black bow tie worn with dinner jacket or tuxedo for semiformal occasions. Denotes type of dress expected at a semiformal occasion. A Black Tie event indicates that a tuxedo is required for men.

Diamanté Dress
Dress made almost entirely of sparkling beads, sequins, or paillettes, giving a glittering effect.  Very popular in the mid-1980s.  From the French, meaning “made of diamonds.”

Little Black Dress

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