Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flatter Your Figure

"Apple Shaped"

This Flatter Your Figure Post will focus on persons who carry majority of their weight around their mid-section.

Consider this when dressing your body:

*To create a smooth surface to start with, wear seamless, fitted, stretch tanks under your garments.
*Skinny jeans can distort your proportion, try wearing straight leg jeans to balance out your legs with your upper half.
*Invest in a few blouses that have a corset style structure.
*Frame your face/neck with v-necks and scoop necks
*Wrap dresses and tops are good for creating a waistline
*Avoid shapeless tops and dresses.
*Anything clinging to the hips or thighs is a no-no.

Remember: One of your main goals is to create balance. Your shape and your clothes should ALWAYS compliment each other! And more importantly, when you're healthy, you're beautiful no matter what your shape is!!

*Love and Look Pretty!*