Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Q&A..... Jeans!!!

How should a jean jacket fit?

Great as an unexpected cover-up at night, the most interesting jean jackets are often cropped and body-conscious. Consider a size smaller than your regular coat (or scope one out in the boys’ department). Push up sleeves to show jewelry. Make it your only denim element. 

Can I wear matching denim tops and bottoms?

If they are the same rinse, wash and dye, then steer clear. If the shirt is soft and lightly faded, try contrasting it with a bottom that's structured and dark, such as a pair of skinny black denim trousers. 

What finishes are best for work?

Old-school, plain, dark-rinse denim looks more polished than other blue finishes, and therefore is more office-appropriate. White denim in a trouser cut can also substitute for pants on casual Fridays. 

How do I make a denim shirt feminine?

Look for a fitted version. If you want to do an oversize menswear style, belt it so your figure isn’t lost. If you wear it with jeans, do so with white or dark-rinse jeans only. 


What should I pair with white jeans?

Stretchy white denim ensures a snug fit, which makes legs appear even longer and leaner. To minimize your rear in white jeans, avoid busy features like elaborate embroidery or pocket flaps. Also steer clear of cropped, too tight tops; instead, pair with billowy blouses that graze the hips—and provide a bit of backside coverage.
(Thanks to Instyle)